How can I apply a discount code?

During checkout, you'll be provided with the option to enter a discount code. Make sure to use it during checkout.

What is the average shipping time?

Europe: 1 week average.
United States of America: 2 weeks on average.

Please note that all custom products have to be made first, this can take a maximum of 14 days.

Please note that it may take some time until the order arrives. Unfortunately we can not do anything to avoid this. If your product has not arrived after 60 days, please contact us.

How can I track my order?

Go to http://bisoujewels.trackingmore.com/ and enter your tracking number.

Unfortunately, you can only track your order if you have selected it in the shipping options.

It's been more than 2 weeks and my order still doesn't arrive?

Make sure to read the description of the product you have ordered. All Personalized/Custom Jewelry products take longer than the regular processing time.

We do the best in our power so that your package arrives on time but in some cases it may take a little longer than usual, unfortunately we have no influence on it. It can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for your package to arrive. If your order does not arrive within 60 days, then please contact us at bisoujewels@gmail.com with your order number, your name and "not arrived" as subject.

My order arrived incomplete

Please note that sometimes we send orders in different packages. It can happen that the packages arrive on different days. If any of your products have not arrived after 60 days, then please contact us at bisoujewels@gmail.com with your order number, your name and "not arrived" as subject.

Why haven't I received a confirmation email?

If you have not received an email automatically after you placed your order, then that means the email you provided to us was mistyped. Please contact us so that we can make the changes necessary. 

I ordered the wrong size, can I make a correction?

As long as the processing is not completed, meaning, you have not received a tracking number, then yes, we may exchange the size of the item ordered. This only applied to items that are not personalized/customized. 

My product has arrived damaged,what should I do?

If your product arrived damaged, we will send you a new one. Write us an e-mail to bisoujewels@gmail.com with "Refund request" as subject and please write your name, email and your Order ID.

Can I cancel my order?

No, unfortunately cancellations are not possible but we do accept exchanges. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange the changes. Note: We cannot make any changes for personalized/custom items unless we are contacted within 24 hours after placing the order.

Do you still have questions?

We are here to help,contact us at bisoujewels@gmail.com with "help" as subject.

Or to use the contact form click here.